Marijuana stocks are a battlefield. ACB stock is not immune to the manic highs and depressive lows

Marijuana was one of the hot investment niches of 2018. In 2019 pot stocks are a battlefield. Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is a good example: Since January it’s up over $2 per share, or 54%, but those gains have pared some 23% since ACB stock hit a high in March.

Aurora Cannabis Is Spending For Massive Growth On The If-Come

Pot stocks are volatile, subject to quick manias and deep depressions. There’s not much track record for investors to go on. What there is tells you nothing about what valuations should be.

During its most recent March quarter, the third of its fiscal year, Aurora lost almost $159 million on revenue of $78 million. That revenue number was 21% over the previous quarter, while losses were trimmed by one-third. Revenue was closely split between medical marijuana sales and recreational cannabis, with sales per gram at $6.40, down from $6.80 the previous quarter.

Guess What’s Coming

For the June quarter, due to be reported August 13, analysts are expecting Aurora to come close to break-even, a loss of 2 cents per share of ACB stock on revenue of $86 million. That means sales should total $277 million for the year, on a market cap of $7.73 billion.

I’ll have what he’s smoking.

The bottom line is that pot stocks are like a seething volcano, or a financial pimple about to pop. Everyone is just guessing about how fast they can grow, or how high they can go.

So if someone wants to say Aurora has “the necessary infrastructure to weather early storms in adult use while continuing to grow higher-value revenues in the medical market,” and put a price target of $11.44 on the stock, that’s valid.

If someone else wants to say that Aurora is contributing to dramatic oversupply in the market, because Ontarians aren’t toking up as much as people thought, or that regulators have let it down and the stock is diluted, that’s also fine.

Here’s What Really Matters

You’re buying the future, not the past, and the future of marijuana looks very bright to bulls. Young investors have made Aurora Cannabis their favorite stock. They see even such cloud plays as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) as tired, and the pot market as wired.


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